Community Outreach

In 2017 we were able to help nine families with twenty-two children at 4 public schools and one church with over $2,600 in donated funds.

Haiti Relief Fund

February 12, 2010

Hi Gliders – Through your generous donations we have been able to raise $1000 for our Haiti Relief Fund. The money has been distributed to:

$300 to the Divine Way Ministries Church in Orlando. They have been ministering to a church in Haiti for over a year. The church in Haiti did not get destroyed by the Earthquake (due to fairly new construction) however, many of the Haitian members lost their homes and are currently living in the church until housing can be obtained. Currently the money collected is going for food and water for those thirteen families that are living in the church.  This will be an ongoing mission for many years as the church members try to rebuild housing while at the same time finding the essentials to maintain life. The church was referred by a Glider parent. $300 to the Haitian Rescue and Relief Charitable Foundation in Altamonte Springs. The foundation was started by James Sada who has family in Haiti and is also affiliated with members of a fire and rescue team currently in Haiti. James will personally go to Haiti and distribute food and essentials. His organization was referred by Altamonte Sports, our long time partner, since he has been involved with Altamonte Springs youth programs for many years.


Haiti Relief Fund

$300 to Theodore Fresner who works at Gateway School and is from Haiti. He is desperately trying to help some his family who are there and is also working with his church to raise funds to help rebuild a major hospital located in Port au Prince. Theodore will travel to Haiti after the school year ends and distribute aid. He was referred by a Glider parent who works with him.

$100 is being set aside for a couple of other families that have needs to be funded later.

We will be still be accepting donations. They can be sent to our corporate address below.




Thanks to all of the Gliders that helped shop last night and/or contributed donations so we could help the 2 families. We were able to raise $400, a turkey and  bought Thanksgiving dinner including some staples plus $50 gift cards from Target. Additionally a small amount of cash was given to the children. The food was delivered last night to the families and they were very appreciative and amazed someone would step forward and help them.

We will also support the two families at Christmas time if some of you still want to donate. Thanks again for your generosity.



Glider nation – We are helping a family this summer that was homeless. They have now found a job, moved into an apartment and have transportation; but have hardly any food, clothing or furniture. If you are interested in donating any food, money or clothing to help them get on their feet, please contact Coach Wise. The children are 16 (boy), 14(boy) and 11(girl). Thank you.



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Sent: Sunday, June 21, 2009 6:41 PM

Subject: needy family update

Because of your generous donations, over the weekend the Gliders were able help the family get more furniture (beds for the children) and gave them another Publix gift certificate.

Sent: Friday, June 12, 2009 3:08 PM

Subject: Needy family Update

Because of your generous donations, today we able to buy a bedroom full of furniture for $100 for the family from a house liquidation sale. Thanks and any other donations can be made on Tuesday at practice or sent to our corporate address.

Thanks to those that contributed. We were able to raise $140 plus clothes plus food.


Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 11:02 AM

Subject: Needy family Update

In the last 3 days I delivered the food & clothes, provided $50 for a utility deposit plus $20 for transportation plus today a $70 Publix food gift card. I will see the family next week and will give them another food gift card. If you still want to contribute any food, money or clothes, either contact me or bring the donations to practice.
Thanks again for your generosity in this family’s time of need.




November 24th, 2008


Needy Family Donations

Thanks to all that donated to the needy family. Yesterday we collected $112 in cash, clothes and food plus gift cards totaling $60 plus we had $100 in previous donations. With that money several of the athletes, their parents and I shopped for the needy family at Publix and bought them $212 of thanksgiving food, staples and some treats. The manger at Publix chipped with several pies for the family also and my neighbor donated a turkey. All the food and clothes were delivered to the social worker last night to give to the family today. If you didn’t get chance to donate this time, we will also support the family for the Christmas holiday with food, clothes and toys for the kids. Donations can be given at our last practices or at the year-end party.


Coach Wise

June 9, 2008

Central Florida Gliders Track Club

Craig D. Wise, Executive Director & Coach

931 State Road 434

Suite 1201-319

Altamonte Springs, Fl. 32714


Dear Gliders,


I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the many ways you helped needy families this year. You took on a family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You extended yourselves to special needs that occurred through out the year.  At this years end you provided for the mother dying of cancer with a diagnosis of 3 months to live.  While waiting for the agency help to provide for food, you provided.  The mother with the eight children who needed shoes and clothing, you provided. The shoes had become a safety issue at physical education for the children.  The kindergartener who has repeated and in danger of regression of skills with no summer school provide, you came to his aid with a computer.  His teacher was so excited on Friday to learn there was now a way to help him.

May you all have a fun, restful and safe summer. Again, thank you.



Matherlyn Smith, MSW, ACSW, SSWS

Seminole County Public Schools

School social worker




The Gliders will be continuing our tradition of donating a dinner and money to a needy family for Thanksgiving. This year we are saving pennies to buy food and presents for the family. Please save and donate as many pennies as you can. Additionally, you can donate any meal item that you want (for example canned or boxed goods), or a check. If anyone knows of a business that would like to donate food or presents, it would be very much appreciated. If you have questions, please contact Coach Wise at





The Gliders will be donating food and presents to help this same family during Christmas. You can donate any meal item that you want (canned or boxed goods), presents, clothes or a check. If anyone knows of a business that would like to donate food orpresents, it would be very much appreciated. Any donations that you have, please bring them to the year-end party or contact Craig Wise at